64: FAQs: my life as a forensic student in UKM

Sunday, 17 January 2016

beloved forensic family: our lecturers, first years, second years, third years & fourth years!
Hi. Again, I am really bad at introductions. Today I thought I'd answer some frequently asked questions about my current course at my current university. Whether you've asked me depan-depan or through my ask.fm account (which I just opened to answer a few questions tadi sorry sangat-sangat T_T) If you want to read about how I survived matriculation, you can refer to this post (click).


1) Course, Faculty & College of Residency?
Bachelor of Forensic Science with Honours
Faculty of Health Sciences (Kampus KL)
Kolej Burhanuddin Helmi (Kampus Bangi)

2) Why are you guys staying in Bangi when your campus is in KL?
We get this question a lot. Most people are confused and think that we have to go to KL everyday for our classes. We don't ok.

We will never get to stay in KL for the whole 4 years of our studies eventhough our faculty is there. Memang first year sampai fourth year lepak kat bangi je. Occasionally we have to go to KL if ada kursus yang perlukan the whole faculty to be in one lecture hall or if we have forensic experiments that need to be done in a "health science laboratory" but other than that, we're practically stuck in UKM Bangi. This is because a major subject that we have to take over and over again is chemistry. Sometimes forensik ni macam doing a double degree – forensic & pure chem. For the first two years, memang chemistry will be in yo face. Our classes are mostly at the Faculty of Science and Technology, meaning we have lectures there everyday, every week ada experiment dekat lab kimia. Our timetables are quite similar to the students who are majoring in chemistry, cuma ada la satu dua subjek yang kami tak ambik because it has nothing to do with our actual course. Gradually the chemistry subjects that we need to take will decrease and only then we have to take more subjects relating to forensics. But since our classes are so frequently held at FST, we have our own forensic section menumpang dekat bangunan FST baru, so most of our forensic classes are held there.

Basically kami ni anak tiri FSK & anak angkat FST.

3) Tak penat ke ulang-alik from bangi to KL?
...penat. But like I said before, we don't go to KL everyday. Sometimes je. Usually the penat comes from trying to sleep on an uncomfortable chair in the bus while stuck in a crazy traffic jam otw to KL. The actual activity dekat fakulti best je.

4) How many students are accepted into forensics per intake?
Max 25 students. Usually first intake around 20 - 23 mula-mula. Then ada yang keluar/contemplate nak keluar ceburi bidang lain because "omg I think I chose the wrong course for me D:" Then, second intake akan masuk untuk penuhi tempat kosong yang ada – asalkan tak lebih 25.

5) I want to know more about your course. (syarat kelayakan, belajar apa...)
http://www.ukm.my/fsk/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Forensik.pdf :)

Aaaaand that's probably it. I can't think of any other questions.
Ask me more here: http://ask.fm/nazihahanr

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