Sunday, 26 October 2014

My body clock is a mess. I'm still up and studying Biochemistry. I have 4 online quizzes to answer before the 30th of October. Revising the Electron Transport Chain. Zzzz. I am aiming to complete one quiz tonight, and answer the rest tomorrow. Gonna have to change gears and work my brain out. MMMMM. I'm actually glad that my professor does his quizzes online. I'm somehow more composed when I'm on my laptop.
I also have a group assignment to complete!! AAAH.

Edit: I cannot believe how lucky I am. So 2 of the 4 quizzes I have to complete would require a specific book that my professor told us to go read at the library and it was a coincidence that I've already been borrowing that book for a month!!!!! SO HAPPY 

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