Friday, 31 October 2014

The weekends are finally here! YEAY! I need some time to just relax and take some time to recover myself from this bittersweet week. I slept late on so many nights and my friends told me that I looked like a legit zombie. But at the end of the day, I'm just glad I got to finish my video assignment with a great team and I hope for the following assignment to be just as great of an experience as the first one. I have a research presentation on Monday for Academic Communication, a song to write about Carbohydrate Metabolism, and 2 more quizzes to study for. Go Nana go!

Right now I'm just relaxing at home, sipping some tea while watching Masterchef US S05E12. This episode made me cry so bad because of Ahran and Leslie #teamahranandleslie. I've been into Masterchef lately and I have learned a few dishes and ingredients from the show. I love cooking but honestly I'm not that good of a cook lol. I've done a lot of desserts but I don't do savoury dishes that often. I want to learn more thought, because I aim to be an excellent wife who cooks like an angel one day. HAH!

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