Monday, 20 October 2014

Yesterday I ate with my mother and sister at Jaya Grocer's Fresco in Bangi Gateway and it was amaaazing. I ordered a roasted beef sirloin and chose 2 side dishes which were cheesy mashed potatoes and a pasta salad. I literally cleaned my plate and ate like I never saw food in my whole life. My sister ordered cheesy chicken (I THINK) with cheesy mashed potatoes. It was divine as well.


Mental note: I should bring my boyfriend to eat here the next time he comes to visit me. Lol. We both love food and I like to bring him to places where I like to eat and see him spasm over the good food too. The last time he came to visit, I brought him to Miyagi and Daidomon and I'm so glad he likes japanese food as much as I do. I miss you partner (cries).

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