Monday, 20 October 2014

So recently there was a "I want to touch a dog" campaign managed by malaysian muslims for malaysian muslims. After reading about it, I expected that many people were gonna bash and hate it, and I was right. Hah. To them, it's like we're supposed to despise dogs & hate them. Especially when they growl at you / are aggresive towards you. Ok people fun fact about dogs eh, they will be aggressive towards strangers. Lagi-lagi kalau korang kacau territory dia. That's why they're great for protecting your house.

I've done some research about Islam and dogs a few years back, and found out that dogs are not haram. Touching your bf/gf before marriage is haram. But dogs are not. They are najis and we have to samak if we touch them. Ok ayat terabur. But my point is, we should not be afraid of dogs and the goal of the campaign mentioned earlier in this post was to make malaysian muslims feel OKAY with dogs. Dogs are our friends. Dogs are a man's best friend. Dogs are precious creatures created by God. We should not despise these precious creatures.

Look at all that fluff!!!!

I remember this case in my country.. where this dog got shot with an arrow by a man who claims that the dog frightened his children. The dog was traumatised and suffered and infected wound. In the end, the dog died. I just find it soooo not fair. The dog was probably just walking by and the kids barked at him or something that attracted the dog. It did not deserve to get shot with an arrow :(

But muslims cannot keep a dog for fun and games. We can keep a dog to protect our house from trespassers, for hunting. A blind person can have a dog as their guide to walk them to stores or any other places. It's just important that you keep a dog with a purpose.

I know a few people who are crazy disagreeing with the campaign.. and it's not that I agree 100% with the campaign. I feel like maybe they could've encouraged people to like dogs in a more non-controversial way. But bravo to them for going for it. I'm not the best muslim and I don't want to preach anything, but to me this just has to be said. I've also been bothered with this topic in my head for years.
This post just contains my thoughts and opinions. Kau nak cakap kau punya opinion, go post it on your own blog. Or comment nicely so that we could discuss it like proper humans kay. Correct me if i'm wrong about anything too.  :-)

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