Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Today I went to the dentist to get my teeth "restored" (idk, that's what my dentist said) and it was horrifying. They injected some dental anaesthesia --which I experienced for the first time-- and it wasn't that horrible. I felt like half of my mouth was swelling only I didn't feel anything everytime the dentist poked my gums with her drill. I also found out that my first wisdom tooth's poking out and it has been bothering me for a couple of weeks now. So after injecting the anaesthesia, my dentist and her assistant started trying to put a clamp around one of my tooth which they wanted to restore and also a dental dam. But my teeth kept ripping apart the latex and when they finally managed to put everything on (which took about an hour!!) the head dentist told them to take them out because the dental dam was so abused lol. So in the end they settled it with a bite block, a few pieces of cotton rolls and did the job.

Afterwards my mother, sister and I went to Plaza Lowyat because my mum wanted to buy some stuff for herself and my dad. My mother went shopping with my sister while I waited on a chair outside because I was dazed - probably by the anaesthetics and my growing hunger. They finished and we went to eat lunch at KopiClub. I ordered the Tom Yam Special (I love tom yam giler-giler ok). To top it all off, we bought some donuts at Big Apple. So today wasn't all that bad in the end.


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