Sunday, 9 November 2014

Hello people.

I've been VERY BUSY lately. Actually, I am still very busy. I'm struggling to finish writing songs for another video assignment for biochemistry that is due next Friday, and on top of that, I have to draw 2 diagrams for the pathway of lipids and something about beta-oxidation. Idk, mental note: get going on the reading you lazy piece of shit. I'm trying to find time to update this blog and keep it alive but I can't even construct a sentence without thinking about stuff like how 2-phosphoglycerate turns into phosphoenolpyruvate... addition and removal of H20 lah Nazihah.

This week has totally been a roller coaster for me. Something happened between me and my boyfriend earlier this week -- try imagining my roller coaster of a love life going into flames and bits and pieces like in the movie Final Destination. That is how it went down -- but we both are fine now. We had problems for a while and I think we're finally coming to understand that we're both far away from each other - him in Terengganu, and I in Selangor - so we're trying our hardest to just stay positive and strong for each other if we want this to work. And I finally clicked into study-mode and am starting to do my work earlier so that I can finish them in time. YES!

So, bye.

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Ardini said...

oh my.... science >.>