Saturday, 20 December 2014


Sorry for the looooong hiatus. I had so much things to do and assignments to submit so yea no time to update about my life :^( So the first semester of my first year here in UKM just finished and we're all prepping for finals. I've studied nothing so far lol. I have one more week to do last minute revisions and hopelly get my name into the Dean's List :D

I decided to just vanish for a while because work was piling and I had to do ANOTHER video assignment for Biochemistry (will embed the vid at the end of this post -- I did a half explanation half music video. I sang a little. HAHA.) Thank you so much to you guys who visited and left messages in my cbox. I'll try to update this blog more often. Bye!

A little insight into the making of this video lol. My group consisted of 5 people including myself. The first song's lyrics (Glycolysis) were written by me and sung by myself, Ann and Azwa. The Kreb's Cycle was explained by Ivan and Jennifer. We didn't have time to make a song for the Kreb's Cycle. And the 2nd song (Electron Transport Chain) was written by Azwa and Ann, and sung by all 5 of us. Diagrams were drawn by me! The whole Carbohydrate Metabolism video was edited by myself (alone!! Because the others were busy with a program hosted by the university) and it was a pain in the ass. But I managed to edit and upload the whole thing in one day! Here's a BTS video I made in my spare time. Hope u enjoy :-)

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