Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Really short post. Just wondering who would be the dude/dudette that posted this on UKM Confessions: 

What a trip down memory lane. LOL! Dear confessor, thank you for supporting my old blog hihi. I turned red instantly after reading this yesterday haha. I think you're a girl, but all my friends are thinking the opposite. Anyway, I've stopped making tutorials (am thinking of doing some here though) and I wonder if you're still following me on my new blog. But my new blog's boring so I wouldn't judge you if you didn't :3 Selamat berkenalan to you too (whoever you are) and, good luck for your finals. :-)


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Elena Lee said...

Hey, I didnt know you are in UKM, we are in the same uni! :D
I used to follow your blog & used your tutorial and really helped me a lot!
Anyway, nice to know that you are in UKM. Hope we can meet each other someday. Good luck for your final :)