Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Korang korang korang. Hahahaha.

What an intro. Tadi I went through BBB's (Budak Budak Bloggers) docs and found a document where they posted the group's organization -- with me as their 'bigmama' xD -- and I clicked my old blog url (http://nananitchiepie.blogspot.com) and I thought that blog was GONE only to find out that it's still live!! Maybe I dreamt about deleting it because sumpah ingat blog tu dah takde. Lol. I forgot that I set that blog to become my tutorials blog. Sayang kot nak buang. I don't know if all of the tutorials work, but I know some still do :-) So to those who're asking me whether I still have my tutorials or not: yes, they're still there! And thanks a bunch for still supporting. I've been thinking of starting photoshop tutorials on this blog. But only once I'm able to stabilise my studies :-) I miss editing and taking photographs with my camera so badly!

(Wish me luck for my exams please... I need them TT_TT Lol) Bye!

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Liyana. said...

i actually visit that blog quite frequent to check out for the tutorials hahaha thanks a lot x