27: After one week of torture.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Yes, I decided to actually type a title instead of just using numbers.

Assamualaikum. Hihi. Exams are not over yet. I have only one paper left, which is Academic Communication a.k.a ENGLISH. Of all the subjects that could've been my last paper, they picked the least I cared about. Lol. And right now I'm just hanging out at home. I spent one whole day yesterday at Times Square with my fellow coursemates. And today I went out to 'run some errands' with my sister (read: shopping.)

Thanks to my brain for getting straight As in matriculation, I am now a student with a scholarship under JPA :-) and haritu duit baru masuk. Hahahahaha. RM5k for the first semester, and the first semester already ended. So now my friends and I can spend our money without even worrying hehe. I already spent like rm600 of mine :-| I withdrawed RM300 the other day to buy my basic skin supplies- Simple's facewash, moisturizer, face toner. A few lip products and MAKE UP! Then I went to Times Square yesterday and used up another RM300. Sebab belanja my younger sister masuk cosmosworld and makan and shopping. Hehe. Tinggal RM50 je pastu, used it all up at MPH :)

I'm making an oath... no more shopping until I manage to lose more weight! 
Lol bye.


siti nuq said...

Best ke Asrama? HAHAHAHAHA

Nazihah said...

@siti nuq: best je kalau asrama kat uni/matrix ^___^ asrama sekolah taktau la cos saya sekolah harian je o/