Monday, 12 January 2015

Yes, Nana says let's start today's post with a selfie!

Anyway... as you all know today is the first day of school in the states where the week starts on Monday (I live in Selangor) and so my driver duty starts. However since I am a student, I can only send and pick up my lil bros and sis when I'm free. Right now the schedule starts with sending Shafiq & Siti to SMK Jalan Reko in the morning. I used to be a student at SMK Jalan Reko too and we figured that Muizz would settle in at the same school. But nope, this year he's enrolled into SMK Jalan Empat. Hoho. Good luck anyway bro. But today I didn't wake up early hehehe so Mama sent the kids to school in the morning. All I had to do today is pick up Shafiq & Siti from school and send Muizz to SMKJ4. I went home today to find out that my package from Zalora arrived! Last week, I ordered a Unisa sling bag that is big enough to fit my laptop yet still small for me to carry around casually on a day where I don't have that many classes.


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT and cannot wait to start the 2nd semester with this bag! *swoons* I also got a holiday card & a 15% discount code to use at Zalora Marketplace :-) Sweet! Thank you Zalora! Love love love.

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