31: January '15 favourites

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Hello! So this is going to be my first favourites post and I plan on making one each month like all dem vloggers do on YouTube (only.. I blog it, not vlog it). Hehe. The first month of 2015 is going to end. Cepatnya masa berlalu. 2015, so far so good. I don't really know how this works, all I know is I just have to list out the things that I have obtained/have used in a certain month and that I really like that thing to even include it in a favourites post. Does this even make sense idk. Anyway, here we go!


1. Lately I've been dealing with uneven bumpy skin and tiny annoying acnes on my cheeks, chin and forehead and I decided to just throw my old skin routine out the window because it irritated my skin and made it very flaky.. I went to Watsons (I can only afford drugstore products because I'm a student and I have study loans!!!) and found this Simple starter kit that contained a face cleanser, a toner and a moisturizer and I absolutely loved it for the fact that it doesn't have harsh chemicals, it is kind to skin and it didn't irritate my skin and made it feel fresh. I saw a lot of improvements on my skin and I am very satisfied.

2. After I used up all the products in the Simple starter kit, I decided to upgrade to a normal-sized cleanser & moisturizer (I didn't buy a new toner because to me a toner is optional) so I bought Simple's Oil Balancing Exfoliating Cleanser & Moisturizer and these showed more results because the after using it, next morning my skin felt like a baby's bum and the number of acnes on my face reduced. Once a week, in between cleansing and moisturizing I would also use a squeezed lemon + green tea peel-off mask from Montagne Jennesse to just further cleanse and exfoliate my skin and get rid of a few blackheads here and there.  In addition I also got a BB cream, compact powder and eyeliner from Maybelline which I have not fully tried yet.

3. THIS BOTTLE. I ordered this customised bottle from an instashop ~ @myk_plusplus. A friend of mine got one with her name on it and I fell in love because the design is just so simple, it comes with a bag that says "Don't touch this is my bottle" which is verrrrryyyyy cute! I immediately followed @myk_plusplus and ordered the bottle from her. Wrote me and my bf's nickname because I'm so sweet aha~

4. Fixi books omagash I loveeee. I currently have a little collection of Fixi thriller/horror books. My sister recommended that I read "Asrama" by Muhammad Fatrim earlier this month so I bought it, read it, loved it and proceeded to buy more books from Fixi. I don't usually read malay books, but Fixi is an exception. My favourite genres are thriller and horror and anything related to the dead/zombies. Another book I recommend is Gantung by Nadia Khan if I'm not mistaken? Great book REALLY. Oh and "Jangan Baca Novel Ini" is not under Fixi, but it is amazing as well and it is actually a trilogy so go check it out, buy all of 'em. Haha.


6. My Unisa bag that I bought from Zalora is now my everyday jalan-jalan bag. I like that it doesn't look too feminine and Nano likes to carry my bags (bukan dipaksa okay, that's just something he likes to do and I actually feel awkward when people stare, but he's sweet like that. Thank u bb) so it doesn't look awkward when he wears it. Makes him look cooler, actually.

7. This Chulip lip balm is my new favourite lip balm. It sorta looks like the EOS balm that I've been wanting forever but this makes up for my cravings haha. One fact about me is that I love lip products especially lip balms. I got the Orange, Mango & Lime flavour and when I apply it, it has this cool sensation to it like you just put a thin layer of toothpaste on your lips ...it's amazing. 

8. Last but not least, this cup. This is not my cup. This was the cup that was served to me with peach tea in it at Dubu-dubu, a korean restaurant that I went to with Mimie the other day. I've always wanted this cup/mug that looks like a jar but has a handle on it so I tried searching for it at Daiso but with no results. Rasanya ada kat IKEA kot? But I hope to find it somewhere that's closer to me and that's easily accessible. Oh and peach tea is also my currently favourite drink. Mimie terkejut haritu because it's like I never discovered peach tea before heh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So... that is it for my January favourites.....
I worked hard on this post... love me... (xD)



'ISYRUN said...

(OoO) Kita sebaya! Nazihah, further study dekat UKM Bangi ke?? For degree? Whaaa kita pun ada pasang impian nak further sana ambil psikologi. Macam mana study dekat sana? Seronok tak?

Nazihah said...

Hai 'ISYRUN! Yes saya kat UKM Bangi for degree ^___^ Study kat sini santai la jugak n seronok sebab kawan-kawan kat kolej semua best hehe. Good luck! Hrp2 kita dpt jumpa hee