33: Sushi & Onigiri

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Today my brother and I had a bro & sis cooking session and we made sushi! It was quite hard actually, my hands aren't good at shaping the rice... We went grocery shopping at 3 o'clock at Jaya Grocer to buy supplies - my brother already bought short-grained rice and seaweed yesterday but left out some ingredients that I wanted (salmon, cucumber, etc) I also bought stuff for me to make a delicious smoothie & chicken sandwich tomorrow. So we started at 1700 and started cooking the rice first. We split the rest of the tasks into half.


So for my onigiri, I wanted to fill it with something out of the ordinary and the other day I watched Joanna Soh's YouTube video (link) about 3 veggie recipes to lose weight - she showed how to make 3 types of dishes - and I really wanted to try the honey glazed carrots. Thus, I made it. Lol. The only difference is I added a few squirts of Sriracha hot sauce to give it a kick. I also helped remove the skin of the salmon - and it was a beautiful cut of salmon. The hours I spent watching Gordon Ramsay fillet a salmon didn't go to waste. After the rice was cooked and seasoned, I had a go at making one plate of sushi first, my brother helped with the toppings. To tell you the truth mine came out small and sloppy... but cute? My brother's plate of sushi was definitely better.

This was my plate of sushi, by the way. Faaaaaail.

My stomach was already full when we finished everything because I kept snacking on the salmon and rice =‿‿= But my mouth waters everytime I think about the tortilla chips I have stored in the cabinet to go with the Sriracha sauce...... hehe bye.

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