34: How to- Make GIFs using Photoshop CS5 (64bit)

Monday, 2 February 2015

Hello friends. In my 32nd post (untitled), I mentioned that I was unable to import videos into layers to make gifs as I usually do with my Photoshop CS5 (32bit) on my previous laptop. After searching the internet, I finally found an alternative way to import videos into Photoshop CS5. If you're having the same problem as I experienced, then here I am to show you how to make gifs using PS CS5 64bit. I wanted to write the instructions down at first but it took too much time so at the end I decided to just record my screen while I make a GIF. SORRY if my voice is annoying or that I mumble to much or if I went too fast. I didn't even edit the video T___T Hopefully you guys can understand this. Good luck!
I'm using a Macbook Air but the steps are just the same on Windows.

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