36: Bye Siti & Muizz.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Today my sister, Siti Sarah (girl in school uniform) enrolled into Kolej Vokasional and she's taking accountancy. She actually got the offer just yesterday and we had to settle everything from her clothes to important documents because she needed to check-in this morning. At first she didn't get the offer to register on the 26th January but after my dad called the college asking if there were any vacancies, there were! Maybe some people changed their minds about entering college at the last minute. My sister was very excited. After she finishes this program, she will be awarded with a diploma in accountancy. Good luck, sis! I'm gonna miss having you around ToT But it's not like she's far away. Her college is located at Kajang. Sama jauh as my home from UKM. 

Another member of my team has already gone to MRSM yesterday which is my brother, Abdul Muizz. Woke up early to say good bye and he went off at 5.30am. He's now studying at MRSM Muadzam Shah. This house is going to be a bit sunyi la nampaknya since 3 out of my 6 siblings are staying in hostels (including me) and we are the "bising" bunch :p


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