38: Ichiban Ramen

Monday, 9 February 2015

Today I went to AEON Jusco Mahkota Cheras with my mother, my bro Shafiq and sis Siti (she came home for the weekends). I basically love Jusco because that's one place I can find onigiri and this particular Jusco in Mahkota Cheras had lots of things japanese. Lol. We went to Daiso first because Shafiq wanted to buy a rectangular pan so he could practice making tamagoyaki. Then we had lunch at Ichiban Ramen - my fave place to get ramen. the best okay the best. I ordered the Spicy Chicken Ramen and it was amaaaazing.


The first time I ate at Ichiban Ramen, I ordered the Beef Ramen and I can tell you that the beef was so delicious it felt like it melted in my mouth. Hahhaahhahaha. Ichiban Ramen is one of my favourite restaurants after Miyagi, Sushi King & Daidomon. I don't know whether the ramens are authentic japanese ramens or not but most of the food there are delicious! 10/10 would come everyday. Hehe.

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