39: #Sweet20Nenek

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Hello everybodyyy. Today I visited my friend, Hazrina, at her house with Mimie and we had a mini celebration for Hazrina's 20th birthday. Her birthday was actually on the 3rd of February, but I had to go to my grandparents house that day so we postponed the celebration to today because today was also Mimie's day off from work. So we planned to cook some meals at her house but we secretly ordered cake from instagram user @wowwah ^_^ (thank you kak wawa for the delicious cake!!).

Mimie arrived at my house at 10a.m (I was actually still in the shower hahahaha). I got ready and we headed out to buy all the ingredients and Mimie also wanted to buy the UPU pin number from BSN. We bought some stuff at Yummies Bakery and got carried away at Jaya Grocer Bangi Gateway. Jaya Groced ada new arrivals kot tadi. Pancake mix in a bottle. Add water to indicated line and voila! PANCAKE MIX IN A BOTTLE. Greatest invention of human kind T____T Anyway, we went to Hazrina's house after I sent my sister to school. Her mother, sister and brother was also there so it was a good thing that we bought loads of ingredients. We cooked baked mac & cheese, lasagna, coincidental shepherd's pie & mashed potatoes! We also had chocolate cake with strawberry compote & fresh cream filling. Iced peach tea & Arizona tea for drinks. Malaysia has been very hot lately ;_; and I keep a bottle of water in every room of my house and still feel thirsty. But the iced peach tea was very refreshing hehe! PICS:


THOSE CANDLES THO. We forgot to buy the 2 & 0 shaped candles so we bought these 2 huge candlelight dinner candles for RM2 and just stuck 'em on the cake board because having basic pink candles is too mainstream. It was awesome. Hahahahahaha. I also had Snapple during the cooking process. SNAPPLE IS WHERE THE GOOD LEMONADES ARE AT. 
Happy 20th Birthday, Hazrina! Takyah perasan sweet 17 lagi okay. Hahahahah. #Sweet20Nenek.

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