40: I'm sick + Exam results!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

I'm writing this on my bed, body covered with layers of blankets and a really really sore throat. I have been trying to avoid all sorts of technology especially bright ones like laptops or my phone... but that's close to impossible amirite? Anyway, I've been soooo sick since Tuesday. The day after I had the cooking session with my friends. I just woke up sweaty, hot, my head hurt and everything was spinning and disgusting. It was the worst feeling. And I've been feeling that way up until yesterday when I finally gave in and went to the clinic which was a HORRIBLE experience. Just going outside made me feel nauseous, the car ride was a disaster. The doctor said I was severely dehydrated although I've been drinking water like a crazy lady. I got lots of pills and a bottle of cough syrup. After consuming enough food and medicide yesterday, today I woke up and my fever was almost gone. But my coughs was still there. My throat feels kinda bumpy but I'm getting better. YEAY. I hope I get better by tomorrow because I've to go back to college on Monday to start my PPC training and I haven't packed ANYTHING yet. My bed has been my safe haven this week.

Besides that... my exam results were released yesterday. And despite not getting the dean's list ;_; I was still grateful to get above 3.00 so I could at least keep my scholarship and do not have to write a letter to JPA stating why my "pencapaian akademik" was low. Lol. BUT I WAS SO CLOSE THOUGH. To get a dean's list result you gotta get a GPA of 3.67 in UKM. Putting aside my Citra subjects, I got 3As & 2Bs. And my pointer was... 3.62 ;_; I think if I scored a B+ that could've boosted my GPA but meh... rezeki dah begitu. I shouldn't be that disappointed pun because I had too much fun during the first semester and did not think about the books that I should be buying or if I have to revise on a certain topic. So me not reaching my target score was totally my fault. I even stayed home watching YouTube videos during the study week. If I can get an OK result dengan perangai main-main camni, I know I can get a better result if I work harder. Ayuh Nazihah, ganbatte!

I'm showing my results on my blog because I CAN. WOOOOO

So I got an A for my target subjects which were Biochemistry and Academic Communication I (/English). But what surprised me was that I got an A for Physical Chemistry I. I dead thought I was gonna fail that subject. I literally sent one question blank in the question paper. When I opened the page the first thing that came into my mind was "Wow boleh tahan gak kau Nazihah." I am grateful for what I've gotten for my first semester and I believe I can do better in the following semesters. Kalau boleh nak sambung master luar negara ni! Hehe.

Okay, I've been reading a lot of things where people say that usually students from matrics will do badly in university. I can only say that this is half true. I myself am an ex-matrics student. I definitely felt how different matrics and university was. In matrics almost everything is fed to you. You go to the lectures, your lecturer teaches you EVERYTHING from A to Z for a certain topic. Gives you notes. Ada tutorials kalau nak bincang psl latihan. They even provide you buku latihan like how heavenly is that?! I've always said to myself if I mess up matrics given the fact everything is fed to me then I must suck. You don't really wanna hear this, kan? But that's the truth. Whereas in university, the lecturer only teaches you like 40% of the topic. Kalau lucky sikit probably 60%. But the rest you gotta read books! In my course we have a buddy system where each junior gets a senior(buddy) and usually his/her buddy will pass down books to my classmates. Unfortunately for me, I didn't even get a sheet of paper from mine. But that didn't stop me :p I bought or photocopied every book I own right now.

All I'm trying to say is, it doesn't really matter whether you're from matrics or foundation or even diploma. It all depends on what mindset you have. I personally think it's unfair to compare people from what education they got after finishing school. Semua orang will experience a culture shock bila masuk degree kat university. You do the best you can do to survive. Good luck semuaaaaa.

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