41: PPC

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Hello. I've been away for quite some time, eh? Hehe. I actually had to go back to uni early for my PPC (Pertandingan Pertolongan Cemas) training. Instead of going back on the 22nd, I registered on the 17th of February. Initially I had to register on the 16th, but I was still sick so I took one day off to just eat my medicine, food and gain strength. I brought all my stuff to KBH in the afternoon of the 17th, settled in my own room, and went to introduce myself to my team after zuhur prayers. So for the upcoming PPC event that will be held on the 7th of March, each college can send at least one team consisting of 6 first year students. I heard that KTDI was excluded because medic students can't compete. My team consisted of 2 girls (including myself) and 4 boys. It was awkward as hellll. Mula-mula kitorang tak cakap langsung pun. The day after, our seniors decided to do an ice-breaking session and only then did we start to get to know eachother.

So PPC actually has 5 individual competitions lagi dalam dia which are:
  • Kuiz Bee
  • Kawad Kaki
  • Community-based work
  • Balutan
  • Mock case
I was like oh BSMM ni bukan pasal balut-balut je la ye. Haha. To be honest, the whole week of training was torture to my body but fun for my brain. We would do balutan in the morning - where we have to do the most dressings using either triangular bandages, crepe bandages or roller bandages in 10 minutes - this balutan thing did the most damage to my knees because we had to go down on our knees to do the dressings. In the afternoon was mock case - we are going to be given an accident situation and in 10 minutes, we've to contact the ambulance as quick as possible, treat all of the casualties and bring them to the ambulance either by memapah or using the stretcher. Petang-petang sikit kitorang buat community-based work, where we have to "travel" to one house, recognise the symptoms the family in the house have, diagnose what kind of sickness they're experiencing and pujuk so they will go to the hospital - this requires patience and knowledge. Malam after isyak, we would have a mini competition 3vs3 for kuiz bee then kawad kaki!

I think out of all the competitions, my favourite is kawad kaki. Although kena banyak focus, patience and discipline, I enjoy it solely because it's like exercise for my legs and I've always wanted to be good at kawad kaki. Bila sebut pasal kawad kaki BSMM / PBSM mesti pikir "Ala, BSMM je kot. Mesti acah-acah serious je." TAK okay. Hahahahahhaa. Each one of us kalau boleh nak the perfect sync. We're still struggling with jalan perlahan and hormat mengambil sijil, but the rest is okay la. Bayangkan 5 orang je satu baris and 1 commander. Kalau salah sikit je nampak. Bapak nervous okay!

Anyway, post ni memang memanjang pasal PPC je la ye. I've started the new semester and cuti seminggu from PPC training. Nnt 27/28 Feb we'll continue every night until the day of the whole competition which is said to be on the 7th March. Wish us luck! Nak bagi bangga kakak-kakak & abang-abang senior ni. Hee.
AND sorry for the lack of pictures in this post. Still segan nak bergambar dengan semua orang. Lulz.

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