44: From Bangi to Jelebu to PD to Putrajaya.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Today, my friends and I had a mini roadtrip to Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan. We went to visit Kem D'Agroloka which was situated in Kuala Klawang. Our main agenda was to negotiate prices with the people there and we were looking for a 3 days + 2 nights stay for our Kem Interaksi Forensik with new juniors!! 
Warning: This is gonna be a long post.
0900: I grumpily woke up to the sound of my phone's alarm. I do not wake up at 9.00 am everyday, mind you. I actually set multiple alarms from 6.30 am to 10.00 am to wake me up. But today my body decided to wake up at 9. Boleh la tu.

1020: Took a shower, finished dressing up + everyday minimal make up, ate breakfast and headed out to UKM to go pick up my friends. There were 9 of us going, so we decided to go with my car (which had Mira, Hendon, Iza and myself as le driver) and the rest rented a white Myvi. RM60 for 12 hours. 

1040: LONG ASS DRIVE TO JELEBU! I followed behind the white Myvi that was driven by Hakak, with Ann, Nina, Azwa and Alin as passengers. We stopped at Seremban's RnR to eat and refresh ourselves then continued driving. We had fun in the car-- singing to songs on the radio and told ghost stories. At first we tailed Hakak until we reached this one place which wasn't that far from Kem D'Agroloka when I checked in Google Maps, but Hakak didn't know the way and they didn't have service on their phones to get their GPS to work. So I took charge of leading the way to Kem D'Agroloka. 

1320: Yas finally we arrived at Kem D'Agroloka. But... it was deserted. Nobody was there. We checked the office pun hanya ada angin bertiupan sahaja. So we called the man of the camp and it turned out it was resting hour. Lolz. But he said he'd come to us as soon as possible. We decided to go pray at the nearby surau.

1340 (roughly): So the man of the camp - lets just call him Pakcik (I forgot to ask his name) came and we met at the office. We talked about prices, food, technical stuff and activities. In the end we got a deal. I do not think I am allowed to reveal the price.. but it was very reasonable for 3 days and 2 nights, plus meals, lots of activities and the facilites were great! We will even get to stay inside a dorm!!!

1530 (roughly): We finished touring the camp and since it was still early and we needed to get our money's worth from renting the Myvi, we decided to visit a beach at Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson. The girls wanted to do a parody of "Hafiz Awan Nano". Hakak took the role of Hafiz. My classmates were into doing parodies lately and they have been doing tonnes of it. Besides that, it was a really nice walk along the beach shore and I took some pictures. We just had our 4th exam paper yesterday and it was nice to just relax and feel the beach breeze. Too bad we didn't bring any extra clothes though. Kalau tak boleh mandi pantai!

Hakak as Hafiz & Hendon as le videographer

1720: To end the day, we decided to drive all the way to IOI Putrajaya to catch a movie. 

1830: Arrived at IOI Putrajaya and went to the surau to pray Asar. Waited untul 1930 for Maghrib prayers.

1950: WE BOUGHT TICKETS! So at first we all wanted to watch Insidious: Chapter 3. Then I noticed that they were already showing the movie remake Poltergeist and I was dead excited. So in the end, only 5 of us bought tickets for Insidious while I, Hendon, Azwa and Iza bought tickets for Poltergeist. Our movie was set to air at 2030, so we decided to go look at Krispy Kreme donuts (but didn't buy any sebab lawan nafsu!) and Hendon went to search for a longboard.

2010: Looking at donuts made me hungry. We went back upstairs to go buy popcorn and drinks but we were introduced to a VERY large crowd in front of the cinemas. We were like what... tadi takde orang pun

2015: WHY IS THE CINEMAS CLOSED?! They closed the cinema. Even the place we buy popcorns at. And there were a few police guards at the front and cinema workers going crazy because people were asking for refunds. It turns out, one of the cinema hall's projectors caught on fire and they had to close down GSC. What a bummer. I was really excited! :( 

2030: After waiting and hoping the problem got settled and the cinemas re-open.... our hopes faded. They managed to extinguish the fire but didn't want to re-open as there would be no projectors to project movies for us! So Azwa and I decided to join the long line of people asking for refunds. 

2050: We got our money back, but still sad. I pulled a prank on my friends saying that we didn't manage to refund our money hahahaha. They fell for it but I burst out laughing when Hakak said "Jom kita saman dia!" Then I pranked them AGAIN and said someone got a seizure after watching Insidious. Hahahhahahaha.

2100: Hendon found the longboard she was looking for. Didn't take any pics of the longboard though because I was tired. I found these pair of rollerblades that were to die for! Going to save up and buy them... probably next semester. Hehe.

2130 (roughly): Headed home. Stopped by McDonalds to buy food and drinks. Then I dropped them at KBH and drove home. Since we're going to start fasting tomorrow, a lot of people went to masjids and suraus for solat terawih. Felt a bit guilty. This was probably the reason why we didn't get to see the movie. God wanted to remind us that movies are only duniawi.

2200: Sampai rumah!

I had fun going out with my classmates. Sometimes we just gotta let go of our problems and relax with our friends. I'm gonna cherish these moments I've had with my classmates. Rasa macam taknak habis degree la pulak.

Last but not least, selamat berpuasa everyone! 
Bazaar ramadhan... here I come.

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