48: Poltergeist.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

left: 2015, right: 1982

My family and I watched the 2015 Poltergeist remake last week. Then we watched the original Poltergeist movie, which was released in 1982, just now (I wasn't even born in 1982 and my mother was only 11 years old. Anywaaaay...) I don't really want to spill all the details and storyline because some people haven't watched the movie yet, but here's what I thought about both the movies. 

In all honesty, I prefer the 2015 remake version better. And I KNOW how people are going to say that I don't appreciate the original one enough, so here's what I have to say.

1) Storyline was about the same, but I preferred the remake because it showed more of each individual characters' personalities compared to the original, where they went straight to the little girl making friends with the tv people.

2) Although I appreciate the special effects in the remake version, the original wins in gory terms (1 point for 1982 version). Especially the scene with the guy in the mirror and the mom in the dug-up swimming pool. Amazing.

3) The actors in the original movie made me mad af *cries while laughing emoji* I got really annoyed with all the casts.. except for the dog and Carol Anne. They reminded me of annoying Malay actors in the dramas I watch on TV which is very bad.  Furthermore I felt like there was no connection between the 3 siblings compared to the remake version. I cry bc Griffin and Maddie.

4) LOGIC, people. [SPOILER ALERT] Why would you still stay another night in your poltergeist infested house after it just puked your daughter from another realm?! The lady who 'cleansed' the house should've told you to get out. It's your fault your daughter's closet turned into the mega version of the demon portal.

idk. personally I think the acting and everything in the remake version was more believable and made sense. 

Lastly, what I learned from Poltergeist is: [SPOILER ALERT]
- if things start moving around in your house, get out of the house
- if your 6-year-old daughter starts talking to the static on your tv, get out of the house
- if your closet turns into a portal that takes you to another spiritual realm, get out of the house (after saving your child that's stuck inside the portal, of course)
- if your child finds piles of creepy clowns in a hidden place inside the attic, get the f*ck out of the house
- apparently spiritual portals in 1982 pukes glitter everywhere
- you CAN get signals in another realm. amazing. to think that I can't even get a phone signal at my kampung is sad.
- evil spirits are dicks to drones that have a camera on them
- after exiting a spirit realm, you either get covered in grey slime (ew) or strawberry jam (yum!)

I am not really a great movie critic or anything, so don't take me seriously. Everyone has their own opinions and likes when it comes to movies. I really recommend you watch the original one first before watching the remake, though. Just to getcha in the mood. 


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