49: Simple tiramisu recipe

Monday, 6 July 2015

Today my sister and I made tiramisu as dessert for berbuka puasa. If you have leftover chocolate cake and want to make it tastier, here's something you can do. As long as you have chocolate cake, this recipe doesn't even need baking. But, if you want to start from scratch, you can bake yourself a chocolate cake beforehand. I just felt lazy, so we went to buy chocolate cake along with other ingredients at AEON Big the other day. 

Let's just get to it shall we.

Ingredients and appliances:
1) 3 loaves of chocolate cake - sliced *
2) Cream cheese - 500g *
3) Whipping cream - 600ml *
4) Sugar
5) Coffee - mixed with water (can be either the express type of just pure grounded coffee beans)
6) Hand mixer & bowl
7) Several containers (not in picture)

*These are the amount of cake, cream cheese and whipping cream I used to make tiramisus that can fit 5 small round tupperwares, 1 heart-shaped tupperware and 1 square medium-sized tupperware. You can vary the amount so that it will suit to your needs. 
i) Whip all of the cream cheese in a bowl until it becomes fluffy.
ii) Add in the whipping cream.
iii) Mix the 2 ingredients until it has like a thick cream consistency. You don't need it to be fluffy if it's going into a container.
iv) Add in sugar. It depends on you whether or not you want it to be sweet or less sweet. I put it about 4 spoons. Since I was fasting, I depended on my little sisters that weren't fasting to taste the cream for me (lol). So by now, you're pretty much finished with the cream part. Now, onto the assembling part which is pretty simple.
v) Lay the first layer of cake in a container. Then, soak the cake layer with generous amounts of coffee. 
vi) Cover up the layer with cream! It doesn't have to be neat. It's okay to have stray cake crumbs here and there. Nanti bila dah makan jadi taik jugak. Hahahaha. Repeat the layering, soaking and covering process until you reach the desired height.
vii) Once you're done, cover the container and pop it in the fridge. Put it in the freezer if you want to eat it on the same day. You don't have to if you're gonna leave it overnight.
Finished product!
Had this yummy thang during buka puasa. Makan banyak mana pun tak muak. Hihi! 

I hope you benefit a thing or two from this recipe. Try it at home! I'm sure your family will appreciate it hahaha.

You can really change up the recipe if you want. Add vanilla extract to the cream if you want to make it sweeter (?) or change the amount for each ingredient according to your liking. Orang melayu kata, agak-agak lah. Good luck. 

Bye and thanks for reading :-)

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