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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Hi. I am really bad at introductions. Today's post is to support the peeps who're currently in matriculation. To this day, I still really miss my life in matrics and if I were to be given the chance, I'd repeat everything all over again. Minus the studying part, though.

I have had my ups and downs in the 'studying' department, and what I've learned on the internet (well, actually on Ask.fm) I have a lot of people who relate to me in terms of their studies. I can say that most questions that are sent to my Ask.fm account (http://ask.fm/nazihahanr) are about my studies, how i study or just studying in general. So, I am writing a post today to just clear everything up because I actually have lots of duplicate questions that I end up answering only one, in hopes that the others get their answers too.

1) May I know your SPM results? (in detail +how it effected my future)
Yes, you may. I didn't do great in high school, but it managed to take me to matriculation *Disclaimer: I do not encourage you to aim for a result like mine, because my SPM results still haunts me until now. If you want to continue your studies in fields like medicine or dentistry, better aim high from the start.

So my SPM results were 3As (1A+, 1A, 1A-), 4Bs (2B+, 2B) and 2Cs (1C, 1C+). I am not ashamed of revealing and admitting how stupid I was for wasting a lot of my time in school and it took me a lot to make up for it. Since both Cs were in Physics and Chemistry, I didn't qualify for fields like medicine or dentistry. Good thing for me was I didn't really want to study in that area. But I did feel like my SPM result set me onto a path that I'd never exchange for anything else.

2) Besides matrics and UPU, what else did you apply?
My dad helped me apply for a course in Japanese language at INTEC. It was swasta and I didn't want to go because fees were high and bla bla.

3) How was the process of applying and choosing your place to study after SPM?
This is a loooong story. I did a lot of research before choosing where I wanted to go. For instance, with a result like mine, which institution would most likely accept me and if so, would I enjoy my time studying in that field? Some say that "it doesn't matter whether you enjoy it or not, as long as you have something to continue your life in", my advice is NO, do not listen to those people. Your interests are very important. If you end up doing something that is not to your liking, you could potentially get bored and do badly. Unless you are like those kind of brilliant people who're amazing at what they do, then go for it. My first choice was Foundation in TESL at UiTM. I do not remember the rest.

4) What offers did you get and how did you make your choice?
Well, my choices were limited. My UPU application was partially a success, because I received the interview invitation (is that what it's called?) for the TESL foundation. Then a few days after, I got the news that I was accepted into Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan for the one-year programme. I never fancied the idea of matriculation because my teachers used to tell us scary stories about matriculation and most people would say that matrics was very tough due to the short learning period. When I think about it, foundation pun setahun je. But I didn't even give that much thought into it. Somehow, my heart went immediately to matriculation and I don't know why. At the last minute, I realised that I like science subjects. I really do.

I did my best during my interview for TESL, but I didn't make the cut. So the deal was sealed, I clicked 'Terima tawaran' for matriculation.

5) I heard matrics is really really tough. How did you survive? 
I do not want to sugarcoat anything and let me just say that yes, matriculation is tough. The packed schedules and building up of homework everyday can be quite stressful. Before entering, I set an aim for myself to achieve which was: Get a good result in matrics which can take me to university and ensure myself a scholarship. That was what drove me to continue living in matriculation. There will be discouragement from people, you may have friends that drop out because they can't take it, but you yourself are the only one who can determine your future.

Just fyi, I took module 3 which consisted of biology, maths, chemistry and computer science.

6) Tips for studying in matrics?
What I did was I used my time fully for studying during the weekdays and rest my brain during the weekends. My time for studying/doing homework started from 8pm everyday until when I feel like I needed to sleep. Since most homework given was in the form of tutorial questions, I used that as a medium for studying. I would study the topic the tutorial questions were based on first, then answer it later. OR I would also answer the questions while referring to my notes. In lectures, I'd give full attention if I can. But there are days where I had 3 hours straight of lectures so I'd get bored and play games with my friend hahahaha WHICH IS VERY BAD, okay. Try to focus in lectures and avoid taking notes. Just listen. You can revise what you've learned later and if you have anything that you don't understand, ask someone. Make a discussion group dedicated to a topic and discuss everything. Tutorial classes are also important, that's where you can share a lot of your problems with your lecturer. I was very lucky because my lecturers were so nice and great - Ms Azura, Mr Lam, Ms Aisyah, Mr Izuan Shah, Ms Azlinda♥ I wish you guys were my uni lecturers TBH.

Get enough sleep every night because you need it. You do not want yourself dozing around in classes. I'd also suggest try to make frequent trips to the lecturer's lounge and meet your lecturers and ask them questions. I didn't do a lot of that because I was too lazy and all I wanted to do after finishing classes was to sleep.

My downfall in matrics was during the second semester after receiving our final exam result for semester 1. I felt the pressure of trying to keep up with everyone else because my lecturers had high expectations for the us who got a 4.00 and the subjects were getting tougher and tougher by the minute. I got anxious a lot and started to play around and not do my homework at all.  But I started getting a lot of support from my friends, my (at that time) best friend Nano. I took one weekend off where I didn't do anything but just relax and try to restart myself. Then things got better and I managed to get 4.00 for the second semester, which accumulated my GPA to 4.00 at the end :-) Do not reject people or try to handle things alone. In a stressful situation like matriculation, you need the support for the people around you to keep you going.

So, this post turned more into a rant than a Q&A. Lol.
I hope some of what I've written here can help some of you,
in a way or two.

You can ask me anything here: http://ask.fm/nazihahanr

Okay bye!

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