52: I found and reread my old fanfiction.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

In 2011, I was introduced to the world of K-Pop. What brought me into K-pop was a music video by B1A4 that was shown on a music channel, which was "Beautiful Target". I immediately fell for their quirkiness and fun vibes. My bias at that time was Gongchan, who's the maknae of the group (Maknae = youngest). At that time all K-Pop men were older than me. Then K-Pop started to get younger with idols born in the year 2000s, but at that time I already moved on.

oh the memories!!!!

I'd say I was quite a hardcore K-Popper and was very defensive when people said I was wasting my time fantasizing over boys that I will never meet unless I get a free ticket to their concert. Hey, they are still from the same continent. I continued to discover more and more K-Pop groups and came to find myself being ultimate fans of B1A4, Block B, and BAP in 2012. I was also running my old blog x-mcjellyz at that time (which I just deleted :-[) and to fill my blog with content, I started to write fanfictions. Fanfictions are basically fictional stories which characters were the celebrities you love. And since the fanfictions I wrote were starting to accumulate, I decided to move all of my fanfics to a separate blog where if people wanted to read my fanfics only, they can access them there. Then I enrolled into matriculation after finishing school and stopped writing almost completely because I haven't got the time, so my blog was left deserted.

One day last week, I decided to pay a visit to my old Google account which had all of my old blogs, including my private personal blog which acted as my diary, my tutorials blog, blogs that were created for designing and lastly, my fanfiction blog (I had so many bloooogs). I opened up my fanfiction blog and decided to reread all of my fanfictions and I laughed like craaaazy. It was so hilarious and humiliating and let me just say that my 16 & 17 year old self was imaginative as heck. Most of my fanfics were love stories and I guess I wanted them to happen to me at some point of my life (inset laughing emoji). I CRINGED SO BAD because now the books that I read are mostly thriller and horror genres and I hate love stories.

The main thing I wanted to share with you guys today is actually one of my fanfictions, which is titled "Be My Lady" starring Zelo from BAP. I laughed so bad and decided hey, how 'bout I publish it here and make you laugh at my immaturity as well. It was initially a one shot which I divided into 3 parts because I felt like it was too long. But here I just published it in one page. Oh and it was also written in Bahasa Melayu because my English was really meh at that time.
Click here to read "Be My Lady"
And to top everything of:

The freaking poster I made for my fanfiction hahahahahaha.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story (if you read it)

Bye :-)

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