46: Strength

Thursday, 2 July 2015

 You know, I know
 I am not a hopeless romantic
 nor do I spit out sweet things
 but I'd like you to know that 
 I show my love to you not by my words
 but by my actions

 I have friends who told me I'm stupid
 Why would I buy books, not for myself, but for my bookworm lover
 Why would I travel to Selangor first 
 when I could've gone straight to Johor
 considering the amount of money I have...

 In my mind, all I've done 
 is to prove my love for you
 What kind of lover would I be, 
 if I cannot sacrifice for my lady

 Drive home safely,
 do not let those tears fall as they would hurt me

 I know how much you cry after we separate
 even after you promise that you wouldn't
 (you are a bad liar)
 and I know the words "I am not strong" 
 are what you're saying to yourself right now
 You are strong, because you are the other half of me

- what my boyfriend has said to me
- only translated in English and written in a poem-like form
- because I am corny as shit.

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