56: Tutorial | Wide shawl

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

There are people who record themselves, but aren't confident enough to upload it on YouTube and they decide to just make a GIF out of the video. That is me. I am questioning my every being: why am I even posting this. Anyway, this is how I wear my wide shawl almost everyday. It's a favourite because it's quick and easy, and it doesn't make me look like I lazily drooped a long piece of fabric on my head. Another reason why I like to wear my shawl like this is when I'm travelling and we stop by a mosque to pray, I don't need to get my telekung or borrow the mosque's telekung because I'm already covered from head to toe except for the palm of my hands and my face. I learned this style from Instagram user @denabahrin.

What y'all will need:
A wide shawl (duh)
At least 2 brooches/pins/needles/whatever you use

Notice beforehand: Sorry for the shitty camera quality. I wish Apple would up their webcam quality game. And I iz very awkward and shy. Lulz.

1. Put in on your head, pin it like so. Make one side longer than the other. The length is up to you, just make sure you're able to loop it over your head later.

2. Take the longer side and put it over your head, but loosely and not all the way.

3. The longer side will be separated into two parts
i) Part 1: On your head
ii) Part 2: Drooping under your chin

4. Take the 2nd part and tightly pull it under your chin until it reaches the first part. Overlap part 1 over part 2. 

5. Try to pin everything together and make sure it's stuck to your head somehow. I struggled.

6. Adjust and pose~

This is a pretty basic tutorial. Hopefully it helps anybody who's struggling with a wide shawl (Like I once was.) Good luck :>

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