58: Trip to Melbourne | Arriving in Melbourne

Monday, 10 August 2015

I made a short video of our arrival in Melbourne, which was on the 16th of July. Our flight was on the 15th, but we arrived the day after. Our flight was approximately 8 hours long. I didn't include any pictures while we were on the flight because I didn't have any footage. I just ate, slept and watched Bones during the whole flight. When we arrived, it was 2.00am in Melbourne and the temperature was a freezing 6°C. We couldn't check into our house until 7.00am, so we spent the night at the airport. It was fun because the airport was empty and that made it fun for exploration! Another thing was since it was still Ramadhan that day, we got Subway sandwiches for sahur. I didn't sleep at all at the airport because I made myself in charge of the bags while everybody else fell asleep. We don't want any lost bags when we're 6000km away from home. Once we arrived at the house, Tanamekar (click for fb link) that we rented in Coburg, I fell right asleep. I didn't even take off my shawl, jacket and beanie because it was very cold D: My parents and younger siblings went to Woolsworth without me and came home with loads of food for buka. Our main dish was beef curry and rice. There were a lot of halal meat shops in Coburg, so finding halal beef was quite easy. And that's it for our first day :)

More coming soon!

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