59: My new room

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Just a little update about my life. I recently went back to UKM to get ready for a facilitator camp, which in the end i did not go because they cancelled it for BSMM members =__= It turned out okay though, since there were a few who couldn't go, so they decided to hold a separate camp thing for us BSMM members. I checked in last week and found out I didn't get to stay in my old 2-person room. They relocated me and my old roommate to a house further from the block but still within KBH. It was a 3-story building with single person rooms. At first I thought "Ugh all the furniture will be old and moldy" but it turns out, they weren't! Everything was brand new and mostly monochrome coloured (my favourite colours) and the walls were white. I still haven't finished decorating my room, so below are pictures of my room pre-decor ^___^
My room is pretty isolated from my friends, but it's okay. I want a fresh start for this upcoming semester, and I think this room will help me to it :-) My grades were also pretty low last semester, so lets hope I get good grades this semester, okay? Ganbatte!

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