62: Book Review | Projek Seram Hotel by multiple authors

Tuesday, 12 January 2016


Title: Projek Seram Hotel
Author(s): Ninie Othman, Naim Tamdjis, Eqbal Mohaydeen, Aziah Zainal
Price: Sem. Malaysia RM23.00 | Sabah/Sarawak RM 26.00
Genre: Seram/Horror/Thriller

My reviews are my personal thoughts. I don't mean in any way that an author should write a book according to my taste, because what I like may not be what another person likes and vice versa :)

Salaam and hai! Today I thought I'd write a review on a book I recently finished. I (or my mom) bought this book at a bookstore near to my home. I wasn't even planning on reading anything because I'm still in my exam week but I thought this would be great to help get my mind off of things. So basically, this books genre is horror. The information on the back of the book is quite long because this book actually has 4 stories in one – hence the 4 authors. All 4 stories have 1 theme in common, which is hotel (obviously). Overall, I like that every story has different styles of writing because again it is obviously written by 4 different people. But you know how every horror story must have a not-so-happy ending? Yeah... that is the one thing I don't really favour in most horror stories. Not because I believe that every story has to have a happy ending since realistically speaking we can never have things go our way anyway, I am just easily annoyed hahaha because come on not every story has to end with the main character dying right?! 

I don't have much to say about Bell-Boy other than it made me get all the feels. It moved me, made me cry and scared the shit out of me. (spoiler alert) I just don't understand how a very kind and sweet-hearted person could become a vengeful spirit, y'know? I mean don't we all have to redha even if we're killed brutally? It is interesting when you get to know the ghost more than the protagonist. The ending was okay since it wasn't a happy nor was it a sad ending. I just wished there were more.

My favourite out of the bunch. I really enjoyed Gentayangan because besides being very suspenseful and making me anticipate what was about to come, I liked that it had a few humour here and there. I really grew fond of Ekmal, the main guy.. but dat plot twist tho. This story is going to be continued in another book which is written by Naim Tamdjis so I am excited for that :)

Hotel Sans Devily
This one got me on the edge of my seat. I remember reading this alone in my hostel room and halfway through, I felt like there was a pair of eyes just watching me.... I then decided to go sleep in my friends room next door. This had a little history in it and I liked the whole you-got-trap-in-something-from-the-20s vibe.

Tamu Tak Diundang
My 2nd favourite, mainly because it was easy to follow and (spoiler alert) it had a happy ending which I can appreciate. Nothing much to say other than it is also a good addition to the book :)

I usually read books from Fixi but this was my second Buku Prima book and I really enjoyed it. If you guys spot a Buku Prima section in your nearest bookstore, go grab some of their books! Best kot! I highly recommend it to any person yang enjoy buku Fixi.

To those who want to purchase online,
  • http://www.bukuboy.com/product-1503940.html
  • http://www.rakuten.com.my/shop/hasani/product/9789674462307/
  • http://www.kedaibukubanggol.com/produk/projek-seram-hotel/?add_to_wishlist=490
Ok tu je. Thanks for reading!

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