68: Losing 8kgs in a span of 2 months.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Assalamualaikum, salam ramadhan everyone. Today I'd like to share how I lost 8kgs in a span of 2 months. Before anything, I'd like to clarify that losing this amount of weight in such a short span of time is actually unhealthy because it was kind of a shock to my body as well. I'll explain why I lost so much weight below. But you can use my tips to kick start your weight loss journey!

(my before & after photo)

Actually the first photo was me last year when I weighed 55kg. I couldn't find a photo where I was at 58kg because I was too insecure to have my photo taken. I was also in denial and would tell people I weigh 54kg when I was actually 4 kilos heavier -_- I now weigh 50kg, which is even lighter than when I was in matriculation lol. I am aiming to reach 45kg by the end of this year, but by losing weight at a more appropriate pace. 

So, how did I lose as much as 8 kilograms?

First, like any people would do, I started dieting. And by dieting I absolutely do not mean not eating, I controlled what I put into my body and I made sure that I had an eating schedule. I made sure that in every meal I ate, I have the right amount of carbohydrates, vegetables/fruits, protein and even fats. I'm sure we all learned about the food pyramid when we were kids right? That was what I followed. 
"But, aren't you supposed to eat less carbohydrates if you want to lose weight?"

Well, you don't have to limit your carbohydrate intake if you do an amount of activities during the day. Your body needs carbohydrates to work, but if you don't do anything with the fuel you have, then that is what's going to be converted into fatty tissues. What helped me burn fat was actually dancing. I started joining dance practices with my friends this semester and in a span of a few months, I was already dancing for 4 different performances. So imagine having to go to classes during the day, and dance at night. I saw this as an opportunity to lose weight, so I'd drink a lot of water during practice and not eat after practice (it will already be night time when we finish practice and I will be going to sleep after so that is why I don't eat). Besides dancing, I jog about 2x a week if I have the chance, or if I don't, I do about 100 jumping jacks once in the morning. This will kick start my body metabolism for the day. 

And that's about it. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a healthy meal + good work out plan combo. Do as much activities as you can during the day, drink butt loads of water and have a good night's rest every night. I am also not perfect, I have my cheat days and a handful of all-nighters, but I would always make sure to work my body the next day. Another good thing to do is to not look at your weight too much (because weight is just a number) and focus on a goal. Like mine was: to be able to fit into my old jeans. And now I can! :)

Now that it's ramadhan, I'm still continuing to lose weight and right now my weight is at a 48-49 kg (depends on what I eat during iftar/sahur hehe). The best fruits to eat during ramadhan is of course, dates! It packs a lot of energy for you to go about your day. Drink lots of water and if you want to work out, I suggest you work out after terawih. Most of your food during iftar has been digested and your body will be energised enough. I usually start my workouts with a few dance routines from my previous performances to warm my body up (or a few kpop choreography I have learned) and I'll follow work out videos provided by XHIT Daily on YouTube.

I am no health expert nor a dietician. These are just what I've done to lose weight. I wish all of you who're aiming to lose weight a good luck and don't give up! I am always open to questions and advices in the comments below. Do press "Post A Comment" to do so. Thank you and assalamualaikum!

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Anis Diyana said...

wuuu tahniah kak nazihah dah kurus tapi yang penting maintain cantik lagi hihi.